About us

The “Ojas Juice” idea began to take shape in a rural Indian village on the coast of Kerala. While on vacation with my little brother, who had been suffering from eczema since childhood, we were lucky to meet a local Ayurvedic Healer. Although an elder of only a small community, people from all over India would travel to see this man, in search of relief from their ailments. The elder took a look at my little brothers tongue, skin, and pulse and without doubt said: “You are toxic….you need to rid your body of Ama (toxic buildup), ignite your Agni (digestive fire) and once the balance of all the 5 elements restores – you will feel and look great”. It was encouraging to hear that built up toxins were the cause of my brothers suffering, as he always felt that there was nothing to blame. Anyways, we were determined to try everything.

In 3 weeks after thorough fasting, juice cleansing, bowel cleansing and lots of rest, the results that he has longed for decades finally started to show. Everyday the skin became more lustrous and smooth, shortly developing an even golden glow. The itch and burning sensation were gone. It was truly remarkable!

The power of raw fruits, veggies, and other whole foods amazed both of us. It became clear, that all that one needs is an occasional “reboot”, re-starting the whole system with a raw, unpasteurized juice cleanse can have a tremendous effect on the entire body. The body is given the much needed time to recharge and detox itself, while restocking its depleted micronutrient reserves. The idea is so simple, yet often overlooked. In the western world, we are bombarded with medicines for any ailment and our bodies become more and more toxic, while the symptoms are masked by the drugs. This is not how we wanted to see the future. We were determined to bring some of this ancient wisdom back home in hopes of helping our “toxic overloaded” friends and family.

We are strong believers in the fact that humans have the ability to self heal, and we feel that juicing is a step in the right direction. We are committed to serving you whole, organic foods to help re-establish your physical and mental wellbeing. Thank you for being part of this wonderful path to self healing!