Benefit Of Food Detox

The whole food cleanse is designed for gentler cleansing and is recommended to those trying to improve eating habits. This gentle cleanse will most benefit those who regularly eat processed or packaged foods, restaurant meals, lack vegetables, and often have refined carbohydrates (white flour, rice, sweets, alcohol).

The food cleanse is designed to provide your body with easily digestible, portion controlled meals with the following health benefits:

o High antioxidants: help rejuvenate and protect the cells.

o Rich in alkaline foods: to help neutralize acidosis and promote a more alkaline state.

o Provide Complete proteins: mostly vegetarian sourced with some options to add lean animal protein and wild fish if desired.

o Complete vitamin and mineral profile: essential to promote detoxification and good health.

o Healthy, non-refined, cold-pressed vegetable fats and oils: to gain anti-inflammatory benefits.

o High content of soluble and insoluble fiber: to promote optimal bowel cleansing and detoxification.

o Gluten-free: to help those sensitive to gluten or with Celiac disease. This is a chance to test yourself – if a gluten-free cleanse clears up your abdominal symptoms – then you should probably continue exploring the gluten free diet to remain symptom free.

o Low GI: using foods ranking low on the Glycemic Index (foods that are slow in uptake into the blood stream) helps reduce carbohydrate cravings, prevent blood sugar spikes keeping good blood sugar control and enhance weight loss efforts. This is key in Diabetes prevention and management.

This cleanse is not as intense as the Juice cleanse, as it provides 2 solid meals per day. Using only whole cooked and raw foods, raw nuts, leanest protein options, alkalizing veggies and whole grains low on the Glycemic Index- this food cleanse will keep you satisfied and hopefully pleasantly surprised of it’s vibrant flavors. This is definitely not a bland diet cleanse as seen everywhere on the Internet.