All of our Food menus have been developed and tested by our Registered Dietitian who has a Dietetics degree from UBC, as well as Holistic and Ayurvedic nutrition healing experience. The meals are balanced with all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and will help you achieve better health. Our goals are client centered, always providing you with healthy and wholesome raw and cooked foods that promote improved health and well-being.
Unfortunately, refunds are not possible due to the nature of this business. To avoid the situation where customers get products with disliked or allergic ingredients we list all of the ingredients for each of our products, so that the customer can make the best appropriate choice for their dietary needs.
Yes, you may continue your regular activity, unless you’re doing marathons (in which case you’ll have to add in more healthy snacks).
The purpose of the cleanse is to detoxify the body and its systems as well as provide your body with the opportunity to heal itself. As a side effect, most people on the cleanse do find that they lose weight and feel much lighter. The weight loss amount will depend on your metabolism and how well you stick to the detox program (obviously “cheating” will result in less weight loss).
We deliver every day ( Monday to Sunday) between the hours of 10:00am to 12:00 noon
We recommend doing a detox at least 4 times per year, at the beginning of each season. That being said, you can use this program as frequently as you like because it’s completely balanced with the necessary nutrition (assuming you’re having a healthy breakfast), simply providing your body with clean fuel.
We try to do our best to list all ingredients used; so please make sure to read the descriptions carefully if you have allergies. Also, please let us know of your allergies and we can help you make the best menu choice.
No, we do not recommend doing any cleansing programs while pregnant or breastfeeding. Having said that, our meals make excellent and easy additions to your current diet (extra vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients are beneficial for a healthy pregnancy).
When taking any medication we always recommend speaking with your Health professional first if cleansing is safe for you at that time. Generally, the food detox should be ok when taking antibiotics as long as you take it as prescribed.
If you are diabetic please speak with your doctor first (depends on what kind of medication you are on.
To build muscles, one needs to be regularly doing intense physical activity in addition to a diet adequate in protein and energy. Since everyone is of different size, has unique physique and has different nutritional needs - it's hard to say if the meal detox program will provide adequate protein for muscle building specifically for you. We recommend that you contact our registered dietitian to see how you can adapt the meal program to suit your individual needs and meet your sports nutrition goals.