How To Prepare for Ojas Detox Program

Preparing for the Detox:

First, determine if cleansing is safe for you – if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have diabetes, progressive disease like cancer, low body weight, other serious diseases/ complications, or on certain medications, you should not proceed with our detox program. If you are unsure that your health condition may be affected by doing a detox, please speak with your doctor or health professional. Having said that, you can definitely choose to supplement your diet with our juices, smoothies, and healthy meals.

Prepare mentally – it takes a solid commitment to clean living for at least the next few weeks. This means accepting that you will not drink alcohol, party late with friends, engage in high endurance activities, or stress about your life’s details.

Clean out your kitchen cupboards – remove any temptations like candy, savory snacks, anything with refined simple sugars, prepackaged processed foods, sugary or sugar-free soda and other drinks, or anything else you feel you might cheat with.

Clean up your schedule - if at all possible, try to reschedule meetings, appointments, or anything extra that might fill your day. Simplify your work schedule as much as possible and don’t take on tasks or new projects that might cause stress or long work hours.

Ask your close friends or life partner for understanding and support – this means they won’t get mad at you for refusing to eat out on Friday night and won’t try to talk you into going on an exciting but strenuous hike on Sunday! Explain your reasoning as to why you feel you need a cleanse and surely, they will understand and help you stay on track, without tempting you with activities and foods you cannot have.

During the detox:

There are many things that you can do to get a deeper cleanse and help detoxify your body.

Must do the following, daily:

For those doing the Juice Cleanse or the Food Detox – start your day with a bowel cleansing drink (1 tbsp organic Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 cup hot water + touch of raw honey if desired).

Also recommended daily:

Yoga – utilize the ancient science of yoga to promote a deeper cleanse, and aid the elimination of harmful toxins through breath and breathing. Even if you are not a yoga whiz, and don’t feel that you’re flexible enough there is no need to strain yourself and stand on your head or get into an impossible twist. Simply trust in the process and try a few simple poses. Not only will you get the benefit of a deeper cleanse but also encourage improved muscle tone, fat burning, and a more balanced mind and enhanced self – awareness. 

Relax – relaxation techniques help release stress from the mind and body- which is a key part of cleansing. The goal is to put the least stress on your physical and psychological systems to give yourself the best chance of re-balancing. The body under stress is like lingering in the “fight or flight” state, which produces a chronic stress hormone level, disabling you to engage in natural healing and health maintenance.

Find something that is relaxing for you – whether its reading, walking, dancing, listening to an audio book, music, meditation… and ensure to engage in this activity, daily.

Make time for self-reflection - A deep detoxification can help release long stored feelings of frustration, anger, jealousy, fear, etc., so this is the perfect time to pay attention to internal turmoil, let go of negative feelings and grow internally. If you have a good friend who can listen or a personal counselor, this is the perfect time to visit them and pour out anything that might be bubbling up to the surface.

Colon cleansing – Although not recommended for everyone (speak to your health professional to determine if it's safe for you), colon cleansing can tremendously enhance the detoxification experience. Expelling toxins through the colon, is one of the fastest ways to obtain a deep cleanse. Enema solutions made of coffee or herbs are effective and can be done easily at home. When these solutions are placed into the colon, they can help stimulate the liver to release bile and toxins and cleanse the digestive system of parasites and unwanted bacteria. If you have no experience with such methods we recommend going to your local alternative health practitioners that offer safe, natural colon cleansing.

Dry skin body brushing – the skin is the largest organ in your body, so this technique is an effective way to help in elimination of toxins through skin as well as the lymphatic system. Dry skin brushing helps remove dead skin cells and enhances skin renewal, as well as provides a massage to the underlying tissues, causing increased elimination of toxins via the lymphatic system. In addition, it helps tone and tighten skin, helps break down subcutaneous fat deposits and cellulite, and rejuvenates the nervous system.

This is simply done with a dry, soft natural-bristle brush before the shower, using long, circular strokes, always in the direction of the heart. If you have dry skin and normally feel the need to moisturize after the shower, please avoid using lotions with chemical pollutants (pretty much any drug store lotion has alcohol, parabens, and other harmful chemicals). We recommend simply using a bit of coconut oil, or other natural oils like apricot kernel, almond, or avocado oils.

Infrared saunas – provide a very effective way to enhance elimination of toxins through sweating. Radiant heat from long light waves penetrates the body deeper than regular steam or sauna heat. This heat within the body helps release toxins from fat cells and dramatically improves circulation, which speeds up toxin elimination out of the body. Ensure to rehydrate extremely well before, during and after the sauna as you can lose a ton of water through sweat.

Keep physically demanding activities to a minimum – ensure that your physical system is well rested and do not engage in marathons, endurance sports, heavy weight training, etc. to help your structural systems restore naturally. Having said that, light activity like walking, leisurely swimming, golfing, yoga, tai chi, etc. is highly recommended as these promote increased blood and lymph circulation essential for a good cleanse. Just don’t go overboard and keep it light and simple.

Rest your mind – your psychological systems also need rest, so make an honest effort to keep away from usual daily distractions like phone calls, stressful emails, meetings, etc. to the absolute minimum. Aim to obtain a tranquil, peaceful environment to minimize any mental strain.

Sleep – at least 8-10 hours each day will truly enhance your cleansing experience promoting detoxification and repair. Detoxification is hard work for your body so you’re likely to feel more tired than usual, so ensure to listen to your body’s cues and give it as much rest as possible.

After the detox:

Take a moment to recognize how you feel – congratulate yourself on completing the program and take some mental notes on how much lighter, crisper, cleaner you might feel in comparison to before you started. Maybe this will leave you longing for more cleansing and encourage you to live a cleaner healthier lifestyle for improved health and well being.

Replenish reserves - replenishing stores after a deep cleanse is essential to make sure that your body regains proper function (especially important after the juice cleanse, as the food detox provides all essential nutrients and does not deplete stores). This is a time to fix any long-standing nutritional deficiencies because they lower your body’s ability to withstand stress and if uncorrected, result in slow deterioration and disease state.

After the juice cleanse, ensure to replenish the body with all essential nutrients and beneficial bacteria by eating a diet balanced in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, beans and lentils, as well as calcium rich foods from the milk and alternatives food group. A great way to ensure the replenishment step is carried out to your fullest benefit without you having to think about how to balance it all yourself, we recommend doing at least one week of our food detox after the juice cleanse, as it’s completely balanced and will provide all essential nutrients need after the juice cleanse.

Our food cleanse is designed to provide you with quality nutrition that puts the least amount of strain on the digestive process. The food is rich in all essential nutrients, enzymes and bacteria so the body gets all it needs, while the digestive system has a minimal load and the organs get time off to self-cleanse and heal.

If you have already completed our food detox, the replenishment step is not necessary because it actually improved all your essential nutrient and micro/macro-nutrient stores.

Make at least 3 resolutions – doing the detox program and then going back to old unhealthy habits is counterproductive, so we hope that our programs have inspired you to make positive lifestyle and diet changes that you can carry on doing for the rest of your life. For example, it can be as simple as: having daily “supergreen” smoothies or juices, doing your favorite physical activity at least 4 times per week for 60 min, and eating some of whole, unrefined, sprouted grains daily.

Reduce daily toxin exposure – try switching to more natural home cleaning and personal care products that don’t contain heavy chemicals and pollutants. Avoid dry cleaners, the common air fresheners (unless using pure essential oils), antibacterial cleaning products, bleaching agents, and anything else that’s harsh on your system and the environment. Getting into the habit of reading the ingredient label rather than just the marketing labels will set you on the right path to a cleaner, less toxic living.

Plan to repeat the cleansing program periodically – to help maintain a cleaner, healthier body. Remember that every consecutive cleanse will go deeper than the first, and often feel much easier because now you’re much lighter and less toxic. We believe that cleansing about 4 times per year and following seasonal dietary changes will have a dramatic effect on your overall health and well-being.