Heal and Detoxify

Ability to Self Heal & Detoxify

All of us have an extraordinary ability to self-heal by detoxifying, repairing and maintaining healthy tissues, organs, and body functions. However, in today’s world, we put our bodies through extreme challenges-having to deal with highly polluted environment, radiation, electronic gadgets, pharmaceuticals and a contaminated food system – all of which are overwhelming for the body and can severely deplete the resources needed to maintain optimum health equilibrium.


To ensure that the body can continue optimally using its defense and repair systems, it is crucial to follow the following 3 key rules:

  • Provide the body with easily digestible, clean energy, with all the essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to optimize the body’s natural detox functions.
  • Provide the body with time for the detoxification. This means not eating or snacking during the late evening hours and throughout the night. Often, we eat late into the night, then have 5-6 hours of sleep and start eating again at breakfast. This results in a constant digestion process going on in the body, leaving no room for detoxification. Best detoxification is achieved when the body can allocate all of the energy and resources to the natural detoxification pathways.
  • Promote toxin elimination via skin, bowels, kidneys, liver and the lungs.